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WiseTanks represent the marriage between old winemaking traditions and materials innovation.Between form and function. Between nature and science. The result is something spectacular.

There’s wisdom in wine. Through its hues, tastes and aromas, it whispersineffable stories about the rains and earth that nourish the grapevinethrough to the very people who transform it into something magical.

As a winemaker, you are the master of the story. Constantly striving forperfection, you know that every step of the journey adds to the narrative,shaping and moulding your wine into something truly unique.

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Inspired by organic forms, WiseTanks represent the combination of aesthetic design with the pinnacles of material engineering,resulting in wine tanks that are both practical and beautiful.

Wise Material

Thermal inertia and durable

Wise Technology

Micro-porosity for greater passive micro-oxygenation of wine

Wise Design

Design in perfect symbiosis with biodynamic and convective movements

Comparison of Storage

Why WiseShape?

Simple. Our WiseShape vats combine the durability and ease of maintenance of stainless steel tanks, with the greater permeability and lower thermal conduction of wooden vats. Added to this is the unique advantage of concrete in the versatility of forms.

Laboratory Tests

oak 800kg/m3
Vapor permeability coefficient
Average reference values - π [kg/(m.s.Pa) x 10-12]
Thermal conductivity coefficient
Average reference values- λ [W/m.ᴼC]
3.1 - 4.6
0.15 - 0.29
50 - 52
3 - 6
0.7 - 2.2

Testes de Laboratório

Coeficiente de permeabilidade ao vapor
Valores médios de referência - π [kg/(m.s.Pa) x 10-12]
Carvalho 800kg/m3
Carvalho 800kg/m3
Coeficiente de condutibilidade térmica
Valores médios de referência - λ [W/m.ᴼC]
3 - 6
3.1 - 4.6
50 - 52
0.15 - 0.29
0.7 - 2.2

Wine is Identity, Magic and Wisdom

The WiseShape vats make all the difference in this definition.

Bold, organic design Oval structure encourages the natural convective motions ofwine for superior fermentation and aging.

Steel-less structure A higher mechanical resistance and durability makes steelreinforcement redundant.

Easy to clean Ergonomically designed to make cleaning and maintenance asimple process.

Ultra-thin 40mm walls are five times smaller than conventional concretetanks, making transport and storage effortless.

Lightweight 4Thinner tank walls make WiseTanks lighter and easier totransport.

Large capacity 5000 litres is the ideal capacity for most operation sizes.

Wise Material
WiseTanks are made from a truly unique concrete composite formulated by leading material engineers, granting them uniqueproperties unlike wood, steel, or standard concrete tanks.

High porosity
Porous like wood, allowing natural micro-oxygenation to occurresulting in smoother, more enjoyable wine.

Structurally resilient
Specially-formulated concrete composite is stronger,increasing durability and service life.

Low thermal conductivity
Wine maintains a stable temperature due to the tank’sphysical properties, reducing unwanted characteristics.

Locally-sourced, recycled materials reduce overall CO2emissions and carbon footprint.

Unlimited forms
Flexible concrete material means tank shape and size iscompletely customisable.

Food-grade material
Tanks are formulated from 100% safe, food-grade materialwith zero by-flavours or side-effects.

Inércia térmica  o betão é um isolante térmico natural.

Micro-porosidade através da composição heterogénea de materiais do betão.

Durabilidade pela utilização de um betão de formulação mais avançada.

Segurança alimentar com a seleção criteriosa de matérias-primas e processos de produção.

Bom desempenho enológico  pela combinação da inércia térmica, reduzido coeficiente de condutibilidade térmica, micro-porosidade e geometria/design únicos.


Válvulas de Esfera
Duas válvulas DN 50

Porta Frontal
Abertura exterior 405x 530 mm com babete

Porta Superior
Formato circular, diâmetro 500 mm

Torneira de Prova e Termómetro

Serpentinas de frio incorporadas (não acessíveis), com dois circuitos independentes

Capacidade e Dimensões
3700 L de capacidade.
2.45 m de altura, 1.44 m de largura, 1.90 m de profundidade

Cores Base
Cinza claro, antracite e branco

The Magic of Numbers

From the physical properties of the material to the biodynamic behavior models, the numbers testify to the excellence of the vats. Download the specification brochure.

The Story Behind WiseShape

Winemaking is an industry with a rich history oftradition. However, for the forward-thinkingwinemaker, thinking outside the box is critical forproduct innovation.

WiseShape was born from the research of civil engineer,Tatiana Sá Marques. Coming from a family of engineers, shehad always been enchanted by her family’s vineyard in theDouro region. The first harvest of ripe Tinta Barroca grapes,the bubbling of fermenting must, the long-awaited taste of amatured vintage. She yearned to be a part of that mysteriousmagic. But, deep down, she knew she was no winemaker. Shewas an engineer, just like her father.

Long years of study passed, and the vineyard from herchildhood slipped into the realms of dream and memory.Until, one day, in the middle of her engineering studies, sherealised the potential for a completely new material forstoring wine. For months, she experimented with newcompositions. She even visited her family vineyard’s winecellar for research and, in the process, rediscovered the worldshe had forgotten for so many years.

Finally, Tatiana formulated a composite concrete materialwith astounding qualities that had the potential to transformhow wine producers store and age their wine.

With the partnership of Professor Dr. Costa Ferreira – a fellowengineer – and her sister, Rita Ferreira Marques – a renownedPortuguese oenologist - she embarked on producingPortugal’s first composite concrete wine tanks, beginningWiseShape’s first chapter.

WiseTanks is where old winemaking traditions meets modernengineering innovation. Our tanks represent a new generationof concrete wine tanks carefully designed by engineers andinspired by winemakers to make the process of wineproduction better in every single way.


our clients

"At Boekenhoutskloof and Porseleinberg, we convert all our fermentation capacity to concrete tanks. WiseShape's aesthetic design and innovation make them an obvious choice for future projects."

Marc Kent
Boekenhoutskloof’s Managing Partner & Technical Director (South Africa)

“The innovative solution of the WiseTank vats seems to me to be promising both in terms of winemaking, environment and use of space in the cellars.”

Rita Marques
Conceito Wines Winemaker & Partner (Portugal)


Engenheira portuguesa desenvolve nova geração de cubas de vinho

A engenheira civil Tatiana Sá Marques, de Coimbra, desenvolveu uma cuba de fermentação e armazenamento de vinho inovadora em betão, em que a tecnologia, design e materiais são 100% portugueses.

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